About Maria Guti


I was born in Cali, Colombia and raised by a woman that taught me the greatest values I could have ever received: Inner strength, perseverance and creative force. My grandma Maria taught me that when a woman felt sad, she should knit or sew. I never really appreciated her words until as an adult, while living in a foreign country, life forced me to reflect on those lessons learned from successes and failures. We fix and recreate ourselves all the time, the way we do when we knit or sew a garment. We are like those dresses that sometimes we are forced to undo the seams, to resew with stronger thread and in some cases, we have to redirect the needle. Our human nature forces us to look for new experiences that will repair us, the way one does when looking for new materials, or maybe combine them with used ones, to transform the graying tones to livelier colors. Maria Guti was created in honor of my “abu”, to immortalize her legacy and share with the world that grandmothers define our souls, and thanks to them we absorb those silver nuances that can only come from their gray hair. Maria Guti, also offers accessories created from reused materials, fabrics, Tagua seeds, Swarovski crystals, leather, silk, using various techniques such as weaving, knitting, Macrame, and textiles made from the Wayuu: an indigenous community from the Guajira, Peninsula in northern Colombia. With my brand, I honor the hands, the labor of love of our grandmothers, their sewing creations with all their imperfections, but unique to all of us, her grandchildren. Please enjoy each piece, like those good luck charms that grandma used to give us as the best fortune, during our imaginary childhood battles during recess in school.

Thank you very much for your support,