* Each product is one of a kind. No two are alike. In case you like the style, please feel free to contact me for a similar model. (Maria Guti selects the materials and uses what is available in stock). The text or copy handpainted on the tote can be assigned to another tote, regardless the different strap color or material I may use.

Maria Guti added to its designs and bags the remarkable work from Colombian indigenous community: The Wayuu tribe. Internationally best known for their unique and beautiful Wayuu “mochila” bags, the handmade “Gasa” (the Wayuu’s word for the strap) is only made by the men of the community, due to the hard work that the weaving requires. Maria Guti works ethically and purchases the straps from the Wayuu people, and credits their work without any purpose of overpricing exploitation.




I made this tote based on my emotions and fears towards hurricane Irma. I recalled the past, my old monsters, the ones I’ve faced and defeated, so I decided to put some color on it and alive prints with beautiful lips as a final touch. There is always life after an impact, after any trouble or battle. No matter how bad it could be, life needs new beginnings and changes in order to prevail. So this is the final result!