Materials: veil, leather cord, cotton, satin cords.

* Each product is one of a kind. No two are alike. In case you like the style, please feel free to contact me for a similar model. (Maria Guti selects the materials and uses what is available in stock).




“Maceta” doesn’t just mean a “flower pot” to my people. Originally made in my birth town of Cali, Colombia, a “Maceta” is a crafty arrangement of sweets given during a deeply rooted celebration called The Godchildren’s Day. Declared as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, this celebration dates back to the nineteenth century and honors the bond between Godparents and godchildren. “Maceta” is a unique handmade treat, like a flower arrangement with twisted sugar candies and colorful confetti and crafts.

With Maceta necklace, I recognize the uniqueness of a handmade craft. I also honor my city, the sweets, their lovely taste and most of all, the important role that godfathers and godmothers provide in the lives of children, as guardian angels.