Materials: Felt, beads. MARIPOSA NECKLACE IS CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME IF YOU WANT TO ORDER ONE. IT TAKES 1-3 DAYS TO MAKE IT, SEPARATELY FROM DELIVERY TIME. * Each product is one of a kind. No two are alike. In case you like the style, please feel free to contact me for a similar model. (Maria Guti selects the materials and uses what is available in stock).

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Mariposa necklace was inspired by a lullaby that my “abu” Maria used to sing to me in the nights based on the poem: “El niño y la Mariposa” (The boy and the Butterfly). Written by one of the greatest poets of Colombia: Rafael Pombo; the poem talks about a kid who innocently asks the butterfly if he can have its colorful wings. The wise butterfly sweetly responds that she cannot give away her unique dress since it is a precious gift from the Almighty.