Materials: Tagua seeds, natural feathers, bamboo beads, metallic beads, synthetic leather cord, leather, fabric. * Each product is one of a kind. No two are alike. In case you like the style, please feel free to contact me for a similar model. (Maria Guti selects the materials and uses what is available in stock).




Inspired by the “Quereme” plant which is famously used for rituals, lotions, and other issues mystically related of getting good fortune and love, I dedicate this necklace in honor of our endless seek of this emotional state.  Scientifically known as Cavendish Quereme, and originally grown in the western mountain of the Queremal, Colombia; the flowers of Quereme are popular by it’s penetrating and lasting aroma. Quereme necklace has been made with the same purpose: to be worn indefinitely among your dearest belongings.