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An inspiring moment in Central Coast California with my book “Eyes Without a Face”


As I explain in my Welcome Page, Maria Guti was created in honor of my grandma Maria who was my maternal figure. She gave me a significant structure in my life. I am a Journalist by profession and copywriter. So art in all forms, including writing, is my passion. Two years ago (2017), I faced the worst episode of depression that I ever had in my life that took me to consider committing suicide. Unfortunately, the illness runs in my family, taking some lives from my maternal and paternal side. The hidden pain but also the “secrecy” of not facing this issue between my loved ones didn’t help, causing me the isolation of not be open to talking about my mental state to others.

The process of healing has been hard and long. We are not used to dealing with this type of things with patience. Not any more. Life, career, social media, family, and society, distract us from so many important tasks: your inner self. So yes, even though depression, anxiety, suicide thoughts, among other disorders count with an infinite awareness, movements, hashtags and information available in all formats and platforms, we still feel alone and defeated. My healing process was a special one. However, I must clarify that I am not suggesting that my experience should be a method to replace or avoid visiting your doctor or seeking help through professional people that will be ready to fight with you that big demon called depression. I’ve been practicing meditation since 2010, and that has helped me to keep the light even at my darkest times. I am a sensitive and spiritual person, and since childhood, I’ve always been in contact with some “celestial” guidance that I can’t explain in rational terms. So after a series of events that I describe in the prologue of my book, I was counting my days in this world when something happened that made me wake up from my dark cloud and path of self-destruction, taking me to start my novel. “Eyes Without a Face” took exactly nine months to be ready and published. It was initially written in the Spanish language, followed by its English version. Not an easy process at all. Like myself, the story has different versions and has been “edited” more than 20 times (patience on your healing process, remember?), and I am convinced that more mistakes are waiting for me to be corrected, maybe not.

My message is that my book SAVED ME FROM MYSELF. Save me from my fears, my shadows, my pride, my ego, and my lack of self-confidence. Through a fictional story but a character that also suffers from depression, I could channel my pain and illuminated with love and compassion. In short: I finally drink tea with the monster. That beast is now my friend, my ally, my teacher. He is very proud of me, and he won’t hurt me again. The monster was me, and he was patiently waiting to be discovered to be nurtured, cared and heard. We could be the monsters at some point in our lives, and it’s okay. Just remember that we are made to experience the joy and the greatness of life. You are not alone, and those monsters only want your love. Be compassionate to yourself, be gentle and yes, be patient: light is coming to you. You are light.


Love and gratitude,


My book is available on Amazon Kindle books and paperback format under the pen name Drea Guertiz.